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Austin, Texas - 3M Half MarathonJohn and Cristine
We are John Switzer and Christine Farrell, we love to travel the world and love to run. We thought "Hey, why not travel to the nicest places and run on the beaches of the world".

John's view on Running and Indulging:

Running makes life so easy for an award-winning dessert chef like me. I'm always creating new ideas for my own desserts or sampling the competitions, and am always dreaming to taste the next novel dessert. I live to experience culinary delights from around the world. So why not join me and share these two great loves. In the past, I've run and indulged my way through Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Africa, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, throughout the Caribbean, and to virtually every city in the USA. I run to all the historical and cultural sites, the sports stadiums, and always experience the best scenic views. Though I struggle mightily to keep up with my speedy love Christine, she'll slow down when we're running with friends and with acquaintances we meet along the way. As she too lives for social running. Then when our run is over, we all try to navigate to a possible renowned restaurant or bakery. The best of all worlds wouldn't you say. During the Run & Sea cruise, I plan on sharing two of my personal healthy-style recipes each day (one entree, one dessert).

Christine's view:

Why not sightsee on the run? Whether we're running alongside the ocean on a malecon, traversing a jungle or mountain trail, or orienteering the streets of a city or town, why not experience it with a group of runners. In Calgary we run with friends at every running level and the experience is always positive. There is nothing healthier in the world than running. Whether we feel like pushing the limit or having a relaxing laid back run, every one stimulates our body in a good way. The key is to get out there as often as possible, to as many locations as possible, especially oceanside, or exploring a historical or cultural city. My dream is to have that loft close to Central Park and that condo with an ocean view in Florida. Organizing the Run & Sea I believe is the start to my dream, and I'd love this experience to become a big part of yours.

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  John and Christine met up
  with the Mayor of Calgary,
  Naheed Nenshi.

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